A Journey To Light

Hello all!!!
I am Mia,creator of Esse Herbals! First, I want to express my gratitude for how thankful I am for you all and how PROUD I am that you all have shown interest in an herbal, honest holistic living!

I began my journey not to long ago, late 2019. I felt the need to make changes in my life so that I could cater to my body and mind better. Meaning slowly but surely ridding my body of harmful toxins. OH!! Trust me it is NOT an easy road but it is a lovely journey and I am MORE than happy to be sharing it with you all! 

 I started out making tea blends for myself. My friends and family took a liking to it as well. Soon after I became the local "tea lady" , making remedies to help with ailments. I must say it is a lot of responsibility bit I think it is  SO FUN and I couldn't have picked a better life purpose. 

 I really and truly believe in spreading the joy of herbal use ,while exploring spiritual and health benefits. My mission is to provide a tasty experience for our customers with all natural, organic teas and essential oils. 

We are family now so please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. 
Love You All! 


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